Renaissance flutes A440 and A460

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  These Renaissance flutes @A440 are designed after the originals surviving in Biblioteca Capitolare of Verona,the best extant flutes just a touch below modern pitch. Only the descant needed to be extrapolated from the dimensions of the tenors, since in no collection worldwide there is a discant of good construction and undoubted authenticity. The renaissance flutes @A460 are designed after the originals of Accademia Filarmonica of Verona. Mouth-holes are cut with the utmost care in order to imitate the originals: they are very small and require patience and study to get acquainted with. Wood is maple, as in about one third of the originals. Basses are always in two joints, while tenors and discants can be made in one or two joints on request. All surviving original tenors are in one joint, but contemporary authors mention that they can be made in two pieces. If you do not plan to have a full consort, it is probably advisable a two joint instrument, in order to tune in with the others. Flutes are acid stained to dark brown or red brown.  


For tenors and descants in two joints it is necessary to copy one of the bass flutes, since no two piece instrument smaller than  a bass survives. I prefer the Biblioteca Capitolare bass, with reinforcing rings at the socket, for better stability.